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Rebecca Quintal, Aflac Rebecca Quintal, Aflac

3944 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite C203, San Diego, CA 92123,
Phone: 619-757-6255, Cell: 619-757-6255, Fax: 619-825-7453
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I am an Insurance agent with over 15 years of experience in the supplemental insurance industry offering Aflac coverage to employees. Over the last few years, however, my focus has become more directed at the challenges facing employers and providing solutions to their most income-draining pain points such as maintaining competitiveness, employee turnover, skyrocketing worker’s comp costs and low morale and productivity to name just a few. It makes no difference whether you are a C Corp or S Corp or your employees are W-2 or 1099, my goal is to give employers tools that they did not know were available before they met with me and still help provide their employees with the benefits they need as well. We have many business solutions that could possibly improve your bottom line. Let’s get together and find out.