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Michele Koonin, Affordable Mandatory Classes LLC Michele Koonin, Affordable Mandatory Classes LLC

2725 Congress St. Suite 2C, san diego, CA 92110,
Phone: 6186881035, Cell: 619-496-7822, Fax: 619-699-1098
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I am Michele Koonin, LCSW, MBA.-Director of AMC(AffordableMandatoryClasses) is a web-based company that provides mandated classes for courts, child welfare systems, family law/criminal law attorneys, probation/parole, and businesses. Offered classes include anger management, hi-conflict parenting, sexual harassment awareness, and more. In addition, classes can be completed in a manner that adapts to the schedules and needs of the student. The mission of AMC is to make the world a kinder and gentler place. All programs are designed to facilitate replacing unhealthy patterns of behavior with patterns of cooperation and kindness. The benefits of this are increased mental, physical health, and awareness. For organizations, the benefit is a safer and better run workplace-leading to job satisfaction and company loyalty.